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Based on the Altmünster Plateau protected green site, near to the city centre and public transport connections, the Luxembourg Nursery has a remarkable infrastructure system.

A large shaded garden furnished with toys and outdoor psychomotor equipment, as well as a full range of secure equipment adapted to the needs of the children, means that they can play in optimum conditions.

Each group has its own functional learning area. These day nursery areas are furnished to offer children a designated meal area (equipped with a kitchenette) and functional areas which meet their free play needs (building, role play, pouring games), which allow them to move and climb (indoor psychomotor equipment), and which permit quiet time (relaxation area).

For many years now, the Luxembourg Day Nursery has developed a pedagogical approach centred on the child’s individual learning process.

The child’s individual learning and development is supported by respecting their age, pace of learning and by working within their experimentation process.

Children are divided in 6 groups:

One 0-2 years group: 7 children "The chicks"

One 12-24 months group: 10 children "The ladybirds"

One 12-24 months group: 11 children "The ducks"

One 24-36 months group: 12 children "The mice"

One 24-36 months group: 15 children "The wolf cubs"

One 3-4 years group: 15 children "The squirrels"

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