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Their first day at nursery is often a child’s first educational experience outside his or her family, and their first significant experience of separation. It is always associated with many complex emotions, uncertainty, and anxiety both on the part of children and parents. 
The Nursery therefore strives to offer a reassuring and welcoming environment to support the child and their parents during this particularly crucial stage.

> First meeting prior to enrollment


This helps to clarify the parents’ needs and expectations, and to discuss the Nursery's teaching principles, its organisation and daily teaching practices. 

> Second meeting between the key worker, parents and child

This allows the child’s key worker to get to know them, their habits, their activities, their skills, the way they interact, their interests and their specific needs. 

This exchange often removes any stress linked to uncertainties, and lays the foundations for a budding close relationship between the key worker, parents and child.

> Settling-in period

The child’s settling-in period at Nursery will be gradual. It typically lasts around two weeks, but may vary depending on the situation. 

> Enrollment contract with parents

During enrolment, an enrolment contract is signed by the parents and Nursery. Parents are free to choose the time slots which meet their needs and which will be used as a basis for invoicing. 

Sick days and holiday will not be billed, under certain circumstances. 

Full-time places are given priority over part-time. Applications from parents who live in Luxembourg City or near to the Nursery are given priority.

Parents enrolling a second child (or more) are given priority.

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